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Review of Her One and Only by Becky Wade

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!! I’ve got a review for you, but before I share my thoughts, let’s share some info.

Her One and Only ​is available to purchase on Amazon, B&N, CBD and other retailers. You can also connect and follow Becky Wade on her Website, Facebook, and Goodreads.

My Review


This book is filled with all things AWESOMENESS!!! Seriously, I haven’t finished a book in a while (or more like 20 books or so) that left me with that warm glow, cheesy grin, and chattery lips to talk about every favorite scene in this book feeling. And since the book is over 300 pages, that’s a lot of talking.

​But seriously!! This book reminded me why I will always read a novel by Becky Wade. There was snark and witty repertoire. Leather, motorcycles, and FOOTBALL! Every Porter family member that made you fall in love with the clan and wish they were real. It was filled with swoon worthy scenes, heart melting moments, and Becky Wade’s signature writing style. Contemporary romance perfection.

​I know that’s not particularly detailed as to why you should read this book, but other than the name Becky Wade…what more do you really need?

​Still not convinced? Okay, multi MVP famed tight end, Gray Fowler, has a stalker and needs protection. Enter Dru Porter, the youngest and only girl Porter, who fills her days protecting others. They dislike each other on sight which makes for some sarcastic covered barbs thrown each other’s way. Then life happens. In moments of vulnerability, they see beneath the face they show the world and it is STUNNING.

Seriously guys, this book went straight to the top of my favorite books by Becky Wade, although I admit I can’t decide which is better ​My Stubborn Heart or ​Her One and Only. Regardless, this will go on the shelf as a reread just to remind myself that this book is that great and these characters that lovable.

Happy Reading!!

​*I rate this 5 out of 5 because they won’t invent a 6-star rating scale.

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