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TBT Feature Novel: Catching Up With Daylight by Gail Kittleson

It’s TBT! Thanks for stopping by :). I have another TBT feature novel: Catching Up With Daylight. ​Read about the book as well as the author, Gail Kittleson. Enjoy!

About the Book


From the back cover: ​”If you long for rest… Many of us long for rest, as the author did while renovating an old house after her husband’s first deployment to Iraq. Yet a different hunger undergirded that desire: a hunger for wholeness. No fast track exists to a closer walk with God, but Gail Kittleson demonstrates how to use the ancient Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina to enhance and extend our times with our Creator. Allowing the Spirit to emph-asize one word and ruminating on it throughout the day empowers us to remain present for every moment, attentive to embrace all that God has for us. Through stories and guided musing, you will become aware of those who have paved our way…and those around us in need of fresh courage. And you may even awaken one morning to discover the moon painted a fresh hue. Come…Rest…Catch up with Him.

Purchase: Amazon, B&N

About the Author


Gail, a late but sincere bloomer, taught college expository writing and ESL. Now she focuses on women’s fiction and facilitates writing workshops and women’s retreats. She and her husband enjoy family in northern Iowa, and the Arizona Ponderosa forest in winter. Her recent WWII release, In Times Like These, ​features a young farm wife with her own battles to fight in rural Iowa.

Connect and follow Ms. Kittleson at: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads

3 thoughts on “TBT Feature Novel: Catching Up With Daylight by Gail Kittleson”

  1. Thank you so much Toni for featuring Gail Kittleson and her new novel “Catching Up With Daylight” and also for sharing this with your Heart”wings” sisters.
    I am so honored and blessed to have both of you as my friends and sisters in Christ through our fellowship.
    Gail and I both spend our summers in the White Mountains area of northeastern Arizona amid the majestic ponderosas and are hoping to connect while we are here this summer. What a joy that will be!


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