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Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman: Review and Interview

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!! I’ve got a review today for you. I read Deep Shadows , ​Ms. Chapman’s first dystopian novel. I can’t wait to share my thoughts, but first let me share some info about the book.

Book Info


From the back cover: ​”All It Takes Is One Night to Plunge the World into Darkness

​Life in Abney, Texas, is predictable and safe–until the night a massive solar flare wipes out all modern technology.

Shelby Sparks, novelist and single mom, had one goal: to provide for her diabetic son. In the wake of this global disaster, her mission hasn’t changed. Only now, medication is a priceless commodity and the future resembles an apocalyptic nightmare.

​Max Berkman and Shelby were once sweethearts, but he lost his chance at claiming her love years ago. When the abrupt loss of power ushers him into a leadership role, he rises to the occasion. But his highest priority–to keep Shelby and her son safe–could prove to be the biggest challenge of all.

​As the brilliant northern lights give way to deep shadows, Max and Shelby’s faith will be tested like never before. Only one rule remains: Find a way to survive.

​In this first book in an eerily plausible dystopian series, a memorable cast of characters must navigate a familiar world thrown into chaos.“

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Picturephoto courtesy of Ms. Chapman

When your world has turned upside down, will you turn to God or leave Him out of the equation? That’s  the one question I pondered as I read Ms. Chapman’s dystopian read, Deep Shadows.

​It’s easy to think of what-ifs and match them to Scripture in the Bible and tell yourself you’ll trust in God. After all, we’re believers aren’t we? Yet, when life as you know it is gone, obliterated by life experiences (outside and inside forces), what do you do?

​The crew of Abney, Texas had to figure that out from the moment they spotted an aurora borealis. I admit, I’d probably be too awe struck before the ramifications of what I was seeing hit. But Shelby knows exactly what it meant and nothing good would come of it.

​Ms. Chapman explores the what-if world, wiping out all forms of technology in the fictional storyline. I found myself stopping mid read to evaluate my life. Would I react in some of the same ways as the citizens in Deep Shadows ​behave? Am I so used to my everyday comforts that when tragedy strikes, God is an afterthought?

Deep Shadows ​isn’t a light read, but I believe it is a worthwhile one. It’s one to make you think and reflect on your relationship with Christ and the materials in your possession. Who’s ruling you? It’s something I will continue to reflect upon even though the end of the story came.

​*I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.
​**I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


1. Ms. Chapman, you are widely known for your Amish fiction. What made you switch to dystopian fiction?
To be clear, I’ll still be writing both! I write 4 full sized books a year, so it isn’t a problem. My editor at Harvest House asked me if I could write anything I wanted, what would it be? I’ve always loved the dystopian/survivalist genre, and I’m a news junkie. I’d recently come across a news article about NASA scientists warning Congress about the possibility of a massive solar event. That was all it took to spur my imagination on, and Deep Shadows was born.

2. How do you think Amish fiction and Dystopian fiction are similar?My first reaction to that question would be that they aren’t similar at all, but my editor said she found a commonality–both groups of characters have no electricity! On a fundamental level I think all books are about our inner landscape–how we handle adversity and loss and celebration and faith. Which is probably why I enjoy writing such a wide variety of things. I just like to write characters who are authentic and have something to tell us about living a life of faith in this world

3. Why did you chose Dystopian fiction to tell this story? 
This is a survival story. It addresses the question of how communities will survive if the technology we’ve become so dependent on were stripped away. Since it’s hard for us to imagine such a world, let alone prepare for it, that causes the story to fall under the “dystopian” heading. But really it is a story of survival, love, and ​faith.

4. What message do you hope to impart on the ​Deep Shadows’ readers?
​That God’s grace is always sufficient. Take the worst scenario that you can imagine, and you can still count on our Heavenly Father–maybe not to make it instantly better, but to lead, guide, and care for us.

5. What’s next for you in the writing world?
I am nearly finished writing What the Bishop Saw, an Amish mystery set in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. On August 1 I’ll begin writing Light of Dawn which is the 3rd book in The Remnant series. Book 2, Raging Storm, is already turned in and will release February 1, 2017​.

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Author Bio


Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace, including romantic suspense and Amish romance novels. She is the author of seventeen novels, including the Pebble Creek Amish series, The Shipshewana Amish Mystery series and Anna’s Healing, a 2016 Christy Award finalist. Vannetta is a Carol award winner and also received more than two dozen awards from Romance Writers of America chapter groups.  She was a teacher for 15 years and currently resides in the Texas hill country.

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6 thoughts on “Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman: Review and Interview”

  1. Thank you for featuring Vanetta Chapman and your thoughts on Deep Shadows. I look forward to reading Vanetta’s new book.


  2. This is an unforgettable book, one of Vannetta’s finest. I’m already looking forward to book #2!


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