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My TBR Pile – Week of 5/16/16

Monday, another day, another week. I’ve been really lucky with an abundance of reading time. Hopefully, this week continues so that I can lower my pile of books.

​So let me share the books I’m hoping to read this week. And don’t forget to share your pile as well!

Tanya M. Saldana’s A Love Uncommon


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Saldana through Facebook. (Gotta love social media.) So now I’m looking forward to ​A Love Uncommon.

The Blurb: “Do you know how special you are to God? Have you given that serious thought?”

​Those are questions that the protagonist was asked that left her speechless. Would we make better decisions if we really knew how important we are to God? Thinking pass the present moment and taking the time to think about the effect our decisions may have on us as well as those around us can help with the decision making process. Praying, then waiting for a response will cut down on not so great, time consuming, and heartbreaking decisions. In a world full of enticing choices, trying to make the best decisions is not an easy task. Truly knowing how special you are to God is a step toward making the best decisions to stay on the path that was chosen for you.“

Purchase: Amazon

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Mary Connealy’s The Boden Birthright


I haven’t read a book by Ms. Connealy in awhile, so it’s time to rectify that. (PS. it looks like it’s free on eBooks!)

The Blurb: After the death of his wife, prosperous businessman Chance Boden heads west along the Santa Fe Trail with his son to escape the powerful, controlling hands of his in-laws. He has plans to establish his own ranch, but instead he finds work with Frank Chastain, owner of a vast amount of land.

Chance doesn’t want to work for anyone, but Frank’s beautiful daughter gives him reason to delay buying his own holdings. With winter coming, no home in which to live, and Veronica’s offer to care for young Cole while Chance learns the ways of successful ranching in the desert, Chance has little choice but to accept the Chastains’ offer to stay on.

When Frank is attacked, his dying wish is that Chance marry his daughter, but after dealing with his in-laws, Chance isn’t going to let anyone come between him and his son. Then Frank’s precarious hold on the land he received as part of an old Spanish Land Grant forces Frank to make a desperate choice to save Veronica’s inheritance–and also gives the men who attacked Frank reason to come after him.”

Purchase: Amazon, B&N, CBD

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JoAnn Durgin’s Prelude


This will be my first read by Ms. Durgin and I’m looking forward to it.

The Blurb: ​”The exciting prequel to the popular, beloved contemporary Christian romance Lewis Legacy Series, Prelude is the love story of Samuel J. Lewis and Sarah Jordan, parents to Sam Lewis, the core character of The Lewis Legacy Series. Prelude gives insights into Sam’s family history in this involving, heartfelt story of family, friendship, and love. A story of never letting go of our dreams, and how faith, sacrifice and trusting our lives to the Lord’s guidance will always triumph over our human fears, temptations, insecurities and frailties.

On April 24, 1962, U.S. Air Force Captain Samuel Lewis returns home to small Rockbridge, Texas. Six years older than Sarah, Sam is the boy who moved four doors down when she was ten. A teenager who nicknamed her Tomboy and teased her like an older brother. That boy is now a fully grown, incredibly handsome man who makes her heart race, but what does she know of love or life? In another year, she’ll be able to save the five thousand dollars she needs to attend nursing school in Austin. Besides, everyone in Rockbridge expects Sam to date her older sister, Tess, the prettiest girl in town with the beauty queen titles to prove it. Not to mention Tess announces her intention of marrying Captain Lewis.

After his return stateside, Sam Lewis finds Sarah Jordan occupying his favorite pondering spot at Thornton’s Creek. After his years away from home, first at the Air Force Academy and then serving in the Air Force, Sam finds himself unexpectedly drawn to Sarah. The sassy, funny girl he used to tease has grown up into a beautiful, charming woman with wit and intelligence who challenges him more than any other woman he’s ever met. Sarah’s frequent reminders that she’s leaving Rockbridge, along with her encouragement to date any other girl in town, unsettle him.

During the eventful summer of 1962, their friendship grows deeper and blossoms into love. Sam knows he can’t hold Sarah back from achieving her dreams. Besides, he has no plans to leave town since he’s stepped into place beside his father as the vice president of Rockbridge Savings & Loan. Sam’s heart is torn.

All seems hopeless when she tells him it’s her dream to work as a nurse on mission fields across the world. When an unexpected financial gift gives Sarah the needed funds to enter nursing school in the fall, she faces saying good-bye to Sam earlier than expected.

Are Sam and Sarah destined to be together or to spend their lives apart? Can these two find a place where their hearts can meet or does the Lord have a much better plan that only He can design?“

Purchase: Amazon

​Connect and follow Ms. Durgin at: Website, Facebook, Goodreads

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