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Review: Together at the Table by Hillary Manton Lodge


Y’all, it’s finally here. The third novel in the Two Blue Doors series a.k.a. Together at the Table. ​Happy Release Day, Ms. Lodge!!

​Before I share my thoughts, let’s get some particulars out the way. First, you can buy a copy at Amazon, B&N, CBD, or other retailers. ​You should also connect and follow Ms. Lodge. Hop on over to her website, Facebook page, or follow her on Goodreads.

​When this beautiful book showed up in my mailbox I squealed with glee. If you don’t remember my feelings on book one and two, read HERE and HERE for a reminder. I’ll wait until you get back…

​Okay. Now that you know the gauntlet of emotions I went through, let me share my thoughts on the last and final installment.

​Wowziers. Yep, I know that’s not the greatest descriptive word, but sometimes that’s all my brain can come up with. Y’all this book…(audible sigh)…this book was perfect in every way.

​First let me say that Ms. Lodge opened the novel email style. It’s a hint and not a complete spoiler so forgive me as I try and share my thoughts without giving anything away.

​Okay, like I said, Ms. Lodge opened the novel email style and my heart jerked then ripped. I may have taken a moment to reread and process. Once I stepped back into Portland, I was greeted by the D’Alisa Family.

​My favorite characters were there to greet me. Nico and his obsession with food and a lady named after a fruit. ​Alex and his Alfa Romeos. Caterina and her spitfire personality –which I must say was highly entertaining and made me wish for a similar relationship with my sisters. Oh, the quotable lines she had! Plus, there was Sophie with her neurosis of order and planning. And of course, Juliette.

​In this novel, Juliette finally realizes what she wants…who she wants. Choices are made, food is cooked, and family secrets are revealed. I’m telling y’all, this book had EVERYTHING! 

​The mystery of her grandmother’s key unlocks the secrets of the family. I did figure it out a step before the D’Alisa Family but it didn’t spoil the read, just enhanced my reaction when I received confirmation.

​And her relationships…(OKAY SPOILER ALERT: I tried but I just have to gush so if you do not wish to continue, I understand. Just remember to click on the links at the beginning to buy your own copy.)…

​And her relationships…Neil, oh Neil. He was the only true choice for Juliette and I’m so very glad she finally realized it. Their relationship made me smile that cheek splitting grin and sigh over happily ever afters.

​All this to say Ms. Lodge did not disappoint with the final installment for the Two Blue Doors series. She’s made a fan for life and I eagerly await her next novel.

*I give this a 5 out of 5.
*​*I received a free copy from the publisher in an exchange for an honest review.

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