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My TBR Pile – Week of 5/2/16

Happy Monday!! Y’all I’m really excited about this week’s reads in my TBR pile. They all have one thing in common…great covers!!

Unfortunately, they’re all on my eReader so I won’t get to see these beauties on a bookshelf, but I know I’ll enjoy the reads.

What are you reading this week?

Lucie Ulrich’s ​Diamonds or Donuts


I absolutely love this cover! It’s the reason why this ended up in my TBR pile. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂 (Psst: it still might be 99c on Kindle.)

The Blurb: ​”Sarah Alexander’s marriage to millionaire Logan Montgomery is put on hold when Logan is offered the opportunity to go on an extended archeological dig in Egypt. Though not happy with his decision, Sarah supports her fiancé, despite the fact she’s already given up her apartment and teaching position.

When Sarah’s best friend, Pippa, suggests Sarah move to Sunset Cove, she figures a new town, new job, and new friends are just what she needs to help her through the separation. If she’d known one of those friends would turn out to be kind-hearted, good-looking, and well-built, Officer Kevin Jenkins, she might have figured a little harder.

Though Sarah goes out of her way to keep her relationship with Kevin on a friends-only basis, it’s clear their feelings for one another are teetering toward something more. Now Sarah must make the most important decision of her life. Will she go for diamonds or donuts?“

Purchase: Amazon, B&N

Connect and follow Ms. Ulrich at: Website, Facebook, Goodreads

Elle E. Kay’s ​Stella


I’m excited about Ms. Kay’s debut novel, Stella. ​Plus, I’m a fan of suspense.

The Blurb: Abandoned by her dearest friend, Stella is running-scared. Life and death decisions force her to re-examine her faith, as well as her priorities. The handsome, Jason, only exacerbates her anxiety. Should she trust him? Something is amiss in the quiet town of Edinsville. How will Stella fare as her world gets turned upside down?

Stella is a stand-alone romantic suspense novel. It is the first book in the Edinsville Series.“

​Purchase: Amazon

​Connect and follow Ms. Kay at: Website, Facebook, Goodreads

Sarah Monzon’s ​Finders Keepers


I’ll be reading Ms. Monzon’s latest novel as part of SLB blog tour. I enjoyed her debut novel, The Isaac Project, so I’m looking forward to this read.

The Blurb: Three lives. Three hundred years. One ship that ties them together.

Spain, 1689

The same evil that stole her mother’s life stalks Isabella Castellano. Afraid for her safety, Isabella disguises herself as a cabin boy and hires on to one of His Majesty’s treasure fleet vessels. But has her flight from a known threat only led her to be ensnared in a sea of dangers?

Florida, Present Day

Summer Arnet will go anywhere to capture the perfect shot that will get her marine photography noticed by the prestigious nature magazine, Our World—even diving in waters haunted by great white sharks. When a treasure hunter with a ladies’-man reputation approaches her about a sunken ship at one of her dive locations, it may be the chance she’s been looking for to launch her career…if his charming smile doesn’t derail her first.
A past tragedy has left a hole in Trent Carrington’s life—a hole he’s tried to fill with women, money, and adventure. Could the feisty marine photographer be the missing piece, or will Trent finally accept that the treasure he seeks can’t be found where rust and moths destroy?“

​Pre-order: Amazon

Connect and follow Ms. Monzon at: Website, Facebook, Goodreads

5 thoughts on “My TBR Pile – Week of 5/2/16”

  1. Thanks for including Stella in your TBR list. Every week you give me more good reads to add to my list. 😀


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