Friday’s Freebies, New Releases, and Giveaways – 4/22/16

TGIF!!! I’m so happy it’s Friday. I have a busy weekend planned, but I know I’ll squeeze some reading time in. How about you?
​If you’re looking for a read, be sure to check out this great list of freebies, new releases, and giveaways that my author friends have sent me.
​Enjoy and Happy Reading!



Valerie Comer’s The Riverbend Romances
Book 1 and 2 of the Riverbend romances are free on eBooks!

The Blurb: Celebrate the seasons with romance in Riverbend with TWO sweet inspirational romances in one collection! In Secretly Yours, Lindsey’s heart takes a beating when she realizes the boy who was never good enough is now a far better man than she deserves. In Pinky Promise, how can two single parents fall in love for real with a pair of mini-matchmakers pushing from both sides — pinky promises or not?

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, B&N

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Dawn Cahill’s When Lyric Met Limerick
Ms. Cahill’s novel is free until April 26th!

The Blurb: Aspiring rock star Howard McCreary only wants to be rich and famous. At least that’s what he’d always thought until he crosses paths with a winsome poetess named Lunda. But before he even gets her number, disaster strikes, and his rock star career comes to a screeching halt. 
As his troubles escalate, Howard makes a desperate bargain with God. But is it too late for Howard? Or can God really redeem his mistakes and turn them into something good​?”

Purchase: Amazon

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New Releases


Donna Reimel Robinson’s ​O Little Town of Bluestone Ridge
Ms. Robinson has a new release!

Snippet of the Blurb: “When Perry Westbrook meets single mother Lark Wilson again after ten years, he is thankful she doesn’t recognize him. He has grown up and changed from the gangly nerd he was in high school when he teased Lark unmercifully. She hated him. If only she never discovers his real identity.

​As the weeks go by, Lark confides in Perry, and they fall in love. She never connects him to the kid she hated in high school, and Perry neglects to tell her who he really is.”

Purchase: Amazon

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M. A. Malcolm’s “Discombulated”
​Ms. Malcolm is offering her short story to her mailing list subscribers this weekend.

The Blurb: ​”It’s just another Saturday afternoon at work… until Leah McNamara finds herself with the prospect of facing her two greatest fears on the same day! And things are a bit too ‘real’ for Alistair Bay’s assistant librarian to disappear between the pages of her favorite cozy mystery novels and escape for a while, like she really wants to. So what’s a girl to do when she’s already feeling a bit discombobulated and the man of her dreams walks into her life? Fall screaming off a ladder, of course!”

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Jo Huddleston’s Weekly Giveaway
​Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway for Leeann Betts’ novel, Unbalanced. ​You can enter HERE until April 26th for a chance to win a copy.

The Blurb: Carly Turnquist, forensic accountant, is at home in Bear Cove, Maine, happily planning her son’s wedding, when she sees a bank robbery. The only problem is that nobody else sees the robbery, and when she tries to investigate, her credibility is called into question. Add into the mix her husband’s long-lost brother who turns up then promptly leaves town, neglecting to take his young son with him, and Carly is up to her ears again in mystery and intrigue. Can Carly prove she isn’t losing her mind, or will she lose her career in the bargain?

Purchase: Amazon

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