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My TBR Pile – 3/28/16

Happy Monday, Reader Friends! I pray the weekend was good to you. I was fortunate to read over the weekend so I’ll have a review for you tomorrow.

​In the meantime, check out the books on my TBR pile this week. They’re all reads I plan on doing reviews for, so I’m excited to delve into their worlds. Here we go!

Pepper Basham’s A Twist of Faith


If you follow my blog, then you know how much I love Ms. Basham’s writing. This is her first book in contemporary romance and I’m just tickled pink to read it.

The Blurb: Maybe the language of love doesn’t have an accent, but with any other type of accent, Dr. Adelina Roseland feels confident she can correct it. Accent reduction is her specialty and she’s worked ten years in research with it to attain her dream job: Professor at the University of Virginia. But all rookies must pass through the fire, so Adelina is sent to a tiny town in a crevice of Appalachia called Wise, Virginia, to begin a new program for their satellite university there. Determined to prove herself, Adelina makes a daring wager with her arrogant supervisor, Dr. Alexander Murdock. If she can pass Appalachian cow farmer, Reece Mitchell, off as a Harvard grad and help him with a job interview for a corporation in Chicago, then she can present her research at the National Convention in front of her newfound colleagues and hundreds of other professionals, launching her career to further heights and moving her as far away from Appalachia as possible.

But Adelina didn’t plan for the faith and friction of single-dad Reece Mitchell or his chaotic family. Drawn into a culture she’d been trying to forget for the past fifteen years, Adelina finds the warmth of family, the hope of faith, and the joy of love melting away at the deep wounds of her past. But when Reece discovers that he’s been a mere pawn in her step up the corporate ladder, will he be able to forgive her deceit or will their miscommunication end in two broken lives.

Will some good old-fashion Appalachian grit from a meddling mother bring rescue this culturally-diverse couple before they lose their chance to build a future of their own?“

​Pre-order: Amazon

Connect and follow Ms. Basham: Website, Facebook, Goodreads

Ruth Logan Herne’s More Than a Promise


I have a confession, this will be my first read by Ms. Herne. I know, I know, I’m slow to the party, but I am look ingforward to the read.

The Blurb: Artist Elle Drake returned to her small town for peace and solace after a devastating break-up. She never expected to find herself posing as a widower’s fiancée to help him keep custody of his three rambunctious boys. And she certainly never expected to fall deeply, desperately in love with him. The newest Christian romance by Ruth Logan Hearne combines heart and humor with a dose of small-town reality.

​Pre-order: Amazon, B&N, CBD

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Linda J. White’s The Tiger’s Cage


Ms. White is another new-to-me author, although I have had the pleasure of meeting her. And since I’ve been in a suspense mood, this novel proves to be a promising one.

The Blurb: FBI Special Agent Tom Donovan is about to nail the drug lord he’s been chasing, Angel Ramos, when Ramos does the unthinkable: He kidnaps Tom’s 18-year-old son, Kenny. Tom’s life spins out of control as he desperately searches for his son. Meanwhile, Kenny must cling to his fragile, newly forged faith to survive.

​Pre-order: Amazon

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Elaine Stock’s Always With You


And last but not least, Ms. Stock’s novel, Always With You,​ will be my first read from her. Doesn’t the blurb grip you?

The Blurb: Can she move forward without knowing her past? Will he enjoy his present if he can’t free himself from what he left behind? In the heart of the Adirondacks, Isabelle lives in the shadow of a dark family secret whose silent burden strips her family of emotional warmth and faith in God. Tyler belongs to the religious sect called The Faithful, which Isabelle’s father dislikes immensely. Yet, because Tyler belongs to this group, Isabelle sees only a man devoted to his family and faith. She wants it; she gets it; they marry. And when the truth comes out, Isabelle faces two choices: Staying could endanger her child. Leaving could cost her life.”

​Pre-order: Amazon, B&N

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