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Review of Jennifer Slattery’s Breaking Free


Breaking Free is written by the fabulous writer, Jennifer Slattery. In case you haven’t bought the book yet, you can purchase it at Amazon, B&N, and CBD among retailers.

​Also, if you haven’t cyber-stalked…I mean followed Ms. Slattery, head on over to her Website, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and Pinterest.

​My Review: Breaking Free is an emotional journey of the Goddard family. Alice and Trent have been married for nineteen years and are the parents of two teenage boys. But all is not sunshine and roses.

They have real issues and are battling their struggles in life everyday. That alone is what makes this a great read. Ms. Slattery is not afraid to tackle hard subjects. She does so with realism and adds the life saving hope of Christ.

Trent has to battle his addictions, but Alice has to battle her need to handle everything alone. They both are ignoring God in their everyday struggles. Thankfully, it doesn’t end there.

What I liked about this book was the realism. I could relate to Alice. I felt her pain and the confusion and turmoil she was going through. My heart ached for her as if she was a real-life person and friend.

As for Trent, I wanted to shake him, lol. I don’t consider it a bad thing because that’s how real Ms. Slattery made the characters. The secrets and tension hooked me in and refused to let go until I made it to the last page.

My only complaint was the ending. I wasn’t ready for the story to end. I could have kept reading to see how they faired once they made a decision regarding their relationship. Ms. Slattery made it so I wouldn’t mind if she revisited the Goddards so that I can see how they’re doing.

*I give this 4 out of 5.
​** I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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