Friday’s Sales, New Releases, Upcoming Releases, and Giveaways – 3/25/16

Happy Friday, Reader Friends! I hope holy week blessed you so far.

​Today, I’m particularly excited because my author friends have sent me a great collection of books this week. Enjoy adding to your TBR pile!

Also, if you do purchase one of these reads, please leave a review. It’s a way to say thank you to the author. Let’s get started!



Deborah Raney’s ​Another Way Home
​Ms. Raney’s novel is on sale for print! (Am I the only one excited it’s the print version and not the eBook?)

The Blurb: “Danae and Dallas Brooks, have tried for years to conceive. Danae is open to adoption, but Dallas won’t even discuss it. Seeking to fill her lonely days, Danae volunteers at a women’s shelter in town. Getting to know the hurting women at the shelter fills her heart and gives life meaning again. But heart-wrenching events on Thanksgiving weekend threaten to pull the entire Whitman clan into turmoil—and leave them all forever changed.”

Purchase: Amazon

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New Releases


Merrillee Whren’s Falling for the Billionaire
Ms. Whren has a new release!

​The Blurb: “Millionaire Hudson Conrick is used to being liked for his fortune. So when Melody Hammond cuts short their blind date, Hudson is curious about the pretty ministry director. When his company wins the bid to expand the women’s shelter where she works, he hopes to get better acquainted. He soon learns that her painful past makes Melody lead a cautious life. As a former solider, Hudson craves adventure. Can he convince Melody that his reckless days are behind him—and that he’s her perfect match?

Purchase: Amazon, B&N, BAM

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Upcoming Releases


Stephenia H. McGee’s ​Losing Lincoln
​Book 2 in The Liberator Series releases March 31st on eBooks!

The Blurb: “Displaced, rejected, forsaken…
Annabelle finds herself pulled farther from home and ever closer to the malicious repercussions of war.

Wounded, desperate, defeated…
Matthew will do everything in his power to protect the woman he loves – even if it means keeping her from the truth.

She could be the lighthouse that guides him out of the ever encroaching seas of chaos – if only they can allow love and trust to overcome their prideful hearts.” 

Pre-order: Amazon

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Jennifer Rodewald’s ​The Carpenter’s Daughter
​Ms. Rodewald has a new release coming April 15th! It’s at 99c for pre-order so hurry on over.

The Blurb: “One Word can change a life…Sarah’s quest for self-definition becomes more tangled than she ever imagined, and she discovers that the journey will take her deeper than clothes and makeup. Filling the void in her heart becomes an obsession she cannot escape. How far is she willing to go to discover who she really is?”

Pre-order: Amazon

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Joy Ohagwu’s Uncommon Ground
​Ms. Ohagwu has a new release coming April 1st!

The Blurb: “Widowed and now single, Stella Heart juggled between managing her career and struggling to communicate with her teenage daughter, Sharon. Their common ground crumbled beneath their different beliefs about God. While Stella believed in God, her daughter didn’t. Sharon instead held strongly to what they taught her in school—until the day the ground physically gave way—altering both their perspectives about each other, and more than one person’s resistance to God.”

​Pre-order: Amazon

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​Rachel J. Good’s ​Change of Heart
​Ms. Good has a release coming in May! The pre-order price is on sale so hurry on over!

The Blurb: “Lydia Esh’s younger sister Emma is running wild during Rumschpringe, causing the family major heartaches. Although it means risking her reputation, her job as a schoolteacher, and her courtship with Jakob Zook, Lydia attends parties to watch over Emma and protect her sister’s virtue.

​When Emma begins a relationship with Kyle, an Englischer, Lydia teams up with Kyle’s older brother, Caleb, to keep the couple apart. As Lydia and Caleb spend time together keeping an eye on their siblings, Lydia falls for this forbidden love. Will she stay true to her faith even if it means giving up the man she loves?”

Pre-order: Amazon, CBD

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Laura V. Hilton’s The Amish Firefighter
​Ms. Hilton is having a Goodreads giveaway for The Amish Firefighter. ​The giveaway ends March 31st, so hurry for your chance to win 1 of 12 copies.

The Blurb: “A beautiful young woman banished from home, a brave firefighter with an agenda of his own, and a kindled flame neither one could have anticipated.”

Pre-order: Amazon, B&N, CBD, Deeper Shopping

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Sandra Orchard’s A Fool & His Monet
​Ms. Orchard’s novel is being spotlighted for 2 giveaways. The giveaway at Suzanne Woods Fisher’s site can be entered at HERE until tonight. The giveaway at Relz Reviewz’ can be entered at HERE until 3/27.

​A Snippet of the Blurb: A plucky FBI art crime agent forges her way through a museum of lies to expose the ruthless mastermind behind the theft of a priceless painting.

​Serena Jones has a passion for uncovering lost and stolen art-one that’s only surpassed by her zeal to uncover the truth about the art thief who murdered her grandfather. She’s joined the FBI Art Crime Team with the secret hope that one of her cases will lead to his killer. Now, despite her mother’s pleas to do something safer-like get married and give her grandkids-Serena’s learning how to go undercover to catch thieves and black market traders.

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Rachelle Rea’s The Sound of Silver
​Ms. Rea is having a Goodreads giveaway. You have until April 5th to enter for a chance to win 1 copy.

The Blurb: “The he stalwart saint and the redeemed rebel. One fights for faith, the other for honor…

After Dirk rescues Gwyneth from the Iconoclastic Fury, she discovers that faith is sometimes fragile—and hope is not as easy as it may seem. Gwyneth continues her quest to learn more about the love of God preached by Protestants she once distrusted.

​Meanwhile, Dirk’s quest is to prevent his sullied name from staining hers. Will his choice to protect her prove the undoing of her first faltering steps toward a Father God? Once separated, will Dirk and Gwyneth’s searching hearts ever sing the same song?“

Purchase: Amazon, B&N, BAM

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​Jo Huddleston’s Weekly Giveaway
​Author Jo Huddleston is hosting a giveaway for Elaine Stock’s Always With You. ​You can enter the giveaway HERE until 3/29.

The Blurb: Can she move forward without knowing her past? Will he enjoy his present if he can’t free himself from what he left behind? In the heart of the Adirondacks, Isabelle lives in the shadow of a dark family secret whose silent burden strips her family of emotional warmth and faith in God. Tyler belongs to the religious sect called The Faithful, which Isabelle’s father dislikes immensely. Yet, because Tyler belongs to this group, Isabelle sees only a man devoted to his family and faith. She wants it; she gets it; they marry. And when the truth comes out, Isabelle faces two choices: Staying could endanger her child. Leaving could cost her life.

Purchase: Amazon

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7 thoughts on “Friday’s Sales, New Releases, Upcoming Releases, and Giveaways – 3/25/16”

  1. Hi Toni,
    Thanks again for all you do to promote Christian fiction! I’m happy to report that the sale price on Another Way Home has dropped even further to $3.20 for print!


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