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Review of Dani Pettrey’s Cold Shot


I know what you’re thinking, twice in one week! Am I right? Well, the library has been good to me and I’ve been blessed to land some good reads. So yes, I have another review for you.

​So you want to know how Dani Pettrey’s latest novel was? Is suspenseful an adequate description? Nah, not a good enough word. Engaging? Riveting? Kept me turning the pages? Sounding better and better.

If you’ve never read Ms. Pettrey, then I’ll have to assume you’re not a fan of romantic suspense. If you are then why haven’t you read her novels?! Ms. Pettrey can weave a tail that grips you and has you staying up late to finish her novel. Seriously, sleep is over rated, right?

​Cold Shot ​is the first book in Ms. Pettrey’s Chesapeake Valor series. I cannot tell you how positively giddy I feel knowing a new series has arrived. Although this book is about Griffin (LOVE his name) and Finley (another great name) Ms. Pettrey doesn’t stop there. We have the Irish rogue, Parker. Mysterious Alex. Lovesick Declan. And the admirable Kate.

​Each character tugged at me and made me curious. What’s their story? Who will hook up with who? They all seem to suffer from something in their past. Knowing Cold Shot ​is a part of a series, I don’t mind waiting for those answers. Thankfully, Ms. Pettrey revealed Griffin and Finley’s past issues, since of course the story is about them.

​And let me tell you, Finley is a great heroine! Though she struggles with anxiety attacks (for a legitimate purpose) she doesn’t let it stop her from living. I admire that in a person. And Griffin, this man has dealt with the worse thing in life: death. His struggle with the aftermath, engaged my senses. I wanted him to become free from the burden that dragged him down.

​And the suspense! Oy! I love how Ms. Pettrey talks from the villain’s pov. It pulls me into the game of who dunnit and why. I did guess accurately before it was revealed. But, it didn’t take away from the suspense at all.

​All in all, I will definitely be reading the next books in the series. ​So if you’ve never read Ms. Pettrey, run to B&N, Amazon, or your local library like me to pick up Cold Shot ​or any novel in the Alaskan Courage series. You can find Ms. Pettrey on her Website.

​*I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

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