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God’s Answer to Prayer

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Often times we pray and doubt. We doubt that God will answer our prayers in the matter and timing in which we asked. We doubt that prayer works, at least the way we want to. And every now and then, God gives you a glimpse of His process.

​When Winterstorm Jonas (aka Blizzard of 2016 in my area) blew in, I was prepared to stay in the house until it was all over. FYI: cabin fever is a real thing. My husband, being the awesome guy he is, decided to keep on top of the shoveling so it wouldn’t be a bear getting the car out — we have no garage.

​It was in the process of shoveling that he lost his set of keys. His set had a key to our apartment and our only ​car key. Yep, our only one. You see when we bought it, it came with one and I had never been able to get a replacement (Walmart was unable to do so). Now, we were faced with the unthinkable…no car key meant no one could drive. He couldn’t get to work, and since he’s the breadwinner, that’s vital.

​So we begin to pray. I prayed God would help us find it in the mounds of snow. Time passed, prayer unanswered. So, I decided to pray a different prayer. This one went something like, please let us be able to get a replacement and not be so costly. After talking to a locksmith, who quoted me over $200 dollars, that prayer seemed like it would go unanswered. Last phone call I made was too a dealership that sales the same vehicle we have. Of course, our vehicle is over ten years old so I wasn’t too hopeful. But, prayer answered. They could make one. Cost $21.

​Y’all that could have been the end of the story and that would have been fine with me. I would have walked away believing God answers some prayers and that He provides. But apparently, God wanted me to learn something more.

​Three weeks after the storm, I got an email from my local library saying my book requests were ready for pickup AND my keys were in lost and found. I figured I saw it wrong since they’ve never added any other message other than your books are ready. My husband thought it was odd so he accompanied me to the library (he never goes). Lo and behold, some kind person saw the library card attachment on my husband’s set of keys and turned our keys into the library. A mile away from our apartment and three weeks after the original time we lost them.

Y’all I had chalked those keys up for gone. I mean seriously, we had a lot of snow and I figured they’d run down the drain somewhere. The lady at lost and found said the person didn’t say where he found them so she had no idea.

​My husband and I chalked it up to a God thing. Then it hit me…He answered my prayer. Not in my timing, but He answered it. Not only that, but now we have spare car keys just in case. So He answered my prayer AND provided another fail safe for us.

​So whatever your prayer may be, please remember Ephesians 3: 20-21. “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen” (NKJV).

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