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Review of Always Watching by Lynette Eason


It’s here! I finally got to read Always Watching! ​You don’t know how gleeful I was to see that beautiful brown package in my mail box. I kind of felt like Smeagul. Before I get to my review, let me give you some information.

​You can purchase the novel on Amazon, B&N, and CBD to name a few retailers.

​Also, to connect and follow Lynette Eason, go to her Website, Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter pages.

​Alright, now for the good stuff, aka my review. Always Watching ​is Ms. Eason’s latest romantic suspense novel. As an avid reader of all things Ms. Eason, I was ready for the tough female lead and the suspense. She always packs suspense in spades that takes my breath away. So, I’ll start the review there.

​Oh. My. Wow. Yes, y’all the suspense was that great. The number one thing I loved about this book was trying to guess who dunnit. Olivia is hired to be the bodyguard for Wade, a dj/counselor (SN: smooth voice alert), who has a rabid female fan.

Y’all there were so many messed up females in this book that EVERYONE seemed suspicious to me.  I didn’t trust anyone outside Olivia’s bodyguard agency. Do you know what does to a reader? Makes for an EXCELLENT read. I had to keep reading and I had to figure out who dunnit. I had my suspicions, but really it didn’t come together until that critical moment in the novel where breath is suspended and nerves are stretched tight. Of course when the stalker is revealed, I realized how much sense it made, but the shock was still present.

Bravo, Ms. Eason.

​Now for the romance part. Because really what’s a Lynette Eason novel without the warm, fluttery heart stopping moments? In the face of danger is it smart to become romantically interested in the man you’re supposed to guard? That’s what Olivia has to decide. Ms. Eason did great dropping moments of intrigue, blushes and wishes in the midst of the suspense. I think it was well timed and I liked that the ending leaves room for possibilities of a sequel in Olivia and Wade’s relationship…because don’t we all want a chance to revisit a couple we fell in love with?

​And, Ms. Eason was kind to us and gave us a snippet of book 2 in the Elite Guardians series. It releases this summer and my hands are already rubbing together in glee. You know what I’ll be doing this summer. Of course, my kids will be home and I’ll be forced to hide and sneak in chapters of high octane suspense with romance spread on like icing on the cake. And if you think the summer is too far to wait, head on over to Amazon and pre-order a copy of Without Warning ​so the book will be hot off the press and in your hands before you can say ‘Summer.’

​*I give this a 4 out of 5 stars (well really 4 1/2, but they still haven’t invented the half rating system yet).
​** I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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