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My TBR Pile – 2/15/16

Happy Monday, reader friends! Am I glad you stopped by. I have a confession to make and needed someone to listen. Here goes: I can’t stop adding to my TBR pile. I mean it’s pretty stacked thanks to my eReader and fondness of writing reviews for writer friends. But y’all, I’m getting to the point I don’t think I’ll finish the books in my pile. However, I’m really up to the challenge. And since today is President’s Day, I find myself with copious amount of time. So I’m sharing 4 reads today in hopes I’ll read them all.

Pepper D. Basham’s The Thorn Keeper


Y’all, I’m excited about this one. I loved Ms. Basham’s first novel in the Penned in Time series. Fortunately, I’m reading this one for an upcoming blog tour so happiness, here I come!

The Blurb: With her past in shambles, how can she fashion a future of hope?
Catherine Dougall’s past of manipulation has left her future in threads. With a new faith, she longs to take the remnants of her life and make something beautiful, but shame, societies’ judgments, and the natural consequences of an unplanned pregnancy test her newfound hope. Dr. David Ross doesn’t help either. His kindness, sacrifice, and tenderness tempt her to impossible dreams. A fallen woman doesn’t merit a fairytale.
David Ross has made every effort to keep his life above reproach. His passion for the sick pump fresh purpose through his choices, but without financial support to maintain his war hospital, all is lost. When his notorious aunt offers an easy solution, David is tempted to give in to her demands, but his growing affection for the reformed flirt, Catherine Dougall, unwinds the careful wall around his heart and offers an unexpected choice.
When the worst of war tears them apart, can love renew the memory of what was lost or will tragedy steal away their hope forever.
From the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to the trenches of World War One, Catherine and David must learn to trust in a God who designs a masterpiece out of brokenness and fashions hope in the most unlikely places.

Pre-order: Amazon

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Vicki Hinze’s Kill Zone


This will be my first read by Ms. Hinze and I’m looking forward to it.

The Blurb:
The wife of a biological warfare expert, murdered. Her husband, accused of killing her. Her intelligence operative brother-in-law, the target of assassins determined to hide the truth. All battle a formidable enemy adept at infiltrating the highest levels with body doubles. What is the Secretary of Defense to do?

He has only one choice: To activate the S.A.T.—Special Abilities Team.

Commander Sally Drake’s Secret Assignment Security Specialists return with a new team of operatives—all armed with special abilities…

Dr. Morgan Cabot heads the S.A.T. team and is ordered to interdict Captain Jackson Stern, the brother-in-law of the victim and brother of the accused killer—or his body double—and to determine which he is before he leaves international waters. Morgan must positively identify him and determine how the team’s enemy and feared adversary, Thomas Kunz, connects to this homicide case. Who killed Laura Stern, and why? Is her husband guilty, or had he been framed? And has classified intelligence on biological warfare been compromised, national security been breached? Who and what is the ultimate target?

Morgan’s special abilities have made her an outsider most of her life. She’s accustomed to skeptics; being highly intuitive has wrecked her every personal relationship and many professional ones. She’s prepared to face the challenges on this case. But she is not prepared to face Captain Jackson Stern. He matters. His opinion of her matters, and, depending on her findings and how this case resolves, he has a lot to lose.

Murder. Power. Resolve. Facing steep challenges from her allies and enemies, Morgan expects their worst, including being targeted for assassination. But not until she interdicts the secretive captain does she realize that to find her answers and accomplish her mission, she must risk her life and her heart.“

Purchase: Amazon (*Free on Kindle until 2/15)

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Amy Matayo’s Sway


This will be my 2nd read by Ms. Matayo and I look forward to it. I first read The Wedding Game, ​which was such an interesting premise. I encourage you to add it to your pile as well.

The Blurb:
Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Unless you fall for the wrong person.

Finally settled after a tragedy-laden life, 24-year-old Caleb has found security in his faith, his friends, and his career. It’s the life he’s always wanted—simple, predictable, and safe. Enter Kate Hawkins, the attractive 21-year-old stranger he rescues from a bar fight who has an odd affinity for the color pink and a unique sense of humor.

It doesn’t take long to realize their connection is intense, but after only a handful of dates, a shocking revelation surfaces. Lines are drawn, sides are taken, and loyalties are decided as their newfound relationship is brought to a sudden halt.

But unlike most couples who split, avoiding each other is impossible. As daily interactions become unbearable, one realization becomes clear: they’ve both fallen hard for the absolute wrong person, which leaves both scrambling for a way to make it right.“

Purchase: Amazon

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Connie Almony’s An Insignificant Life


​This is another new to me author, so I look forward to reading it. Plus, it sounds great. Check out the back cover blurb.

The Blurb:
Tiffany Lundgren is looking for significance in the world of academia, beyond being a visual distraction for men to ogle. But something stands in her way. When she removes the impediment that threatens her professional career, her world spirals deeper, and she discovers the things she once believed brought her strength, have only hardened her on the outside, leaving her insides empty. She is drawn to those who might bring meaning to her world, only to find her past choices could have destroyed the one man who would truly love her. Adam Grant, the K-9 campus police officer, wants to be taken seriously in his profession. But after having been purposely left out of the previous undercover investigation, he wonders if his new relationship with the liaison from the Maryland Drug Task Force Initiative will be an open one. Especially since he once tried to date the man’s wife. But as the drug trade heats up in the dorms, and lives are being threatened, Adam resolves to get to the bottom of the problem, even to the point of involving his former-drug-dealing pastor. Will his deeper commitment endanger the woman he’s come to love? Todd Watson is nearing a year of sobriety, determined to turn his life around, but will he always have the reputation as a drunken rich boy? He sets out on his own to discover who is sabotaging the buildings, because no one will believe his theory. He is constantly reminded of his depraved past by his fellow resident assistant, Alexa Woo. But is her bitterness toward him due to what she won’t forget … … Or what he can’t remember? “

Purchase: Amazon

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