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My Thoughts: When Tragedy/Death Strikes

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Life is precious. We all know it. How can we not? Yet, it seems we only truly value it when tragedy strikes. Or when death follows.

​Those are the times when some of us question God’s goodness. When we try to search for the good that He promised to work for us.

Life is precious indeed.

​But we do not always understand why tragedy strikes. Why did death come too soon, for it is always too soon when we lose the ones we love. James 1:2, tells us to count it all joy. But how can we when we’re covered in sorrow? When tragedy strikes, we must remember the treasure that is within us and pull it out and Bless Him.

​Bless Him and thank Him for the time we had with our precious loved ones. Bless Him and thank Him that we were loved immensely by our loved ones before they passed.

​When tragedy strikes, please don’t stop talking to Him. Please don’t close yourself off to His words and truth. Please hold on. If you can’t, if you feel yourself slipping away, surround yourself with those who will lift you in prayer to the One who can help you through this time.

​This post is difficult for me to write, as I sift through my emotions and seek the right words. Just know I pray that this helps you and points you to the One who always has the right words.

​Be blessed!

1 thought on “My Thoughts: When Tragedy/Death Strikes”

  1. God is always with us, in good times and bad times. I am so thankful for His love and His mercies. Yes, talk to God at all times. He is listening and He is hearing.


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