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My Thoughts: Blessing Him

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So for 2016, I decided my phrase of the year would be “Bless Him.” (I wrote a post about it on Putting on the New.)

​But then I began asking myself the question: what does blessing Him look like?

​I went to because they have an interlinear Bible you can use to find the root word. Bless (from Psalm 103:1) is Barak in Hebrew which means to bless, kneel.

​Again, what does bless mean? I searched Merriam Webster. Their fourth definition struck a chord in me. “To praise or glorify.”

​My goal this year is to praise Him no matter my circumstances. To glorify Him in all that do. I’ve decided to turn my complaints into praise. To do all my activities as if I’m doing them specifically to serve Him. I know I won’t always get it right, but that’s where grace comes in.

​I look forward to learning how to Bless Him in my every day activities.

So how do you Bless Him?

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