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Review of A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge


Oh my goodness. I finally read Hillary Manton Lodge’s first novel in the Two Blue Doors series, A Table by the Window,​ and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long.

​Why hasn’t anyone pointed out my error before now? And the worst part…my library doesn’t have book two yet. (Picture me looking like the grumpy cat.)

​But alas, you didn’t come here to read my rant but a review. So, here goes nothing.

​I absolutely LOVED this book. I know shocker, huh? But seriously, this book reminded me of Katherine Reay’s ​Lizzie & Jane ​ meets “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” I know a book and a movie meshing seems at odds, but if you have read/watch you would understand in a heartbeat.

​Yet Ms. Lodge’s novel completely stood on its own and made me an immediate fan. I want to meet Juliette D’Alisa. I want to know why I haven’t dined at any of her family’s restaurants and why I have yet to meet her love interest, Neil McLaren.

​Then it hit me, they’re fictional and the only way I can connect with them is to reread A Table by the Window​ or go to every library praying they have a copy of book two. Then again I may beg, plead, or move and shift my book budget around. Dying to know what happens next is totally an acceptable excuse, right?

​Hmmm…I seem to be having trouble telling you why this is a must read and why I’ll be getting my hands on book two. You see Juliette has hit a crossroads in life. It’s not so much what does she do, but which awesome opportunity should she take. What does God have for her in His plans? What will make her happy and allow her to be herself and use the gifts God gifted her with? She has to take all those emotions and consideration and mesh it with her French/Italian family.

​Oh and did I mention there’s a family secret? Oh!!! I was on pins and needles finishing this book. I devoured it with a need to read about tantalizing cuisine and the origins of a mystery photo. (Did I mention this book has recipes in it! Yes, recipes. See why I forgot it was fiction?)

​If you haven’t had the pleasure to read Ms. Lodge, then please get the book (Amazon, Barnes&Noble,  or local library) and make sure you get both so you won’t be forced to wait in agony and miss out on Juliette’s life. (Because you know I am missing out on what is developing between her and Neil. Do you think they’ll wait for me?)

​If you haven’t heard of Ms. Lodge, please pop on over to her Website. There she’ll let you know how to connect with her on social media.

​*I give this a 5 out of 5 stars, but if I made my own rating scale it would be 6 because I will definitely read this again.

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