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My Thoughts: The Weight of Grace


There’s something lacking in the earthly realm. You see its absence when an impatient driver arrives last at the stop sign and then leaves first.
​You miss it when a person fails to open the grocery door for a woman struggling with a car-seat strapped infant.
You wish for it when your boss gives you a harsh end-of-year report.
​You seek it when your friends and loved ones no longer want you in their lives.


Where did it go and how can we get it back? Easy answer: Jesus is grace. Not so easy truth: we’re to be more like Him.

​It’s easy to say a disparaging remark at the driver. It’s not so easy to extend grace and give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe a loved one in their car is in need of medical aid.

​It’s easy to purposely let the grocery door close behind you, letting others fend for themselves. It’s not so easy to think the struggling mom is in desperate need for formula for her child because her chemo drugs have contaminated her milk supply.

​It’s easy to fault your boss for being coldhearted, hypocrite. It’s not so easy to think nice thoughts when you find out his report was worst than yours and he won’t be coming back.


We all want it when we need it. When we pray our sins are really forgiven and cling to the hope that God will forgive our missteps.


Something we often withhold, forgetting the times it was given to us freely. Have you seen the weight of grace? It outweighs every wrong and sin you’ve ever committed. It’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card. Maybe if we bless someone with it, we’ll fully understand its benefits.

Be blessed and give grace.

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