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Review of Friends and Enemies by Terri Wangard


It’s review day!  I’ve got a review for Terri Wangard’s novel, Friends and Enemies.​ It’s a Christian World War 2 Romance that will release January 5, 2016!

Intrigued yet? Here’s the back cover blurb: “In 1943, widowed seamstress Heidi Wetzel finds new meaning in life by caring for evacuated children on a rural farm in war-torn western Germany. Never a supporter of National Socialism, she takes pleasure in passive resistance, but must exercise caution around neighbors who delight in reporting to the Gestapo.

Flying cadet Paul Braedel’s wife dies while he trains for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Following bereavement leave, he returns to training but he’s lost his zest for life and heads to England, not caring if he lives or dies. When he and his crew are shot down over Germany, he evades capture and, for the first time since Rachel’s death, hears the voice of God whisper guidance: “Find Heidi.”

When Heidi stumbles into a man she recognizes, she is shocked to realize he is a friend from her high school days in the United States, and the husband of her best friend Rachel. Aiding an enemy downed airman is punishable by execution, but she agrees to help.

Then they’re betrayed.”

My thoughts: Y’all, I have a love/hate relationship with World War 2 novels. I hate them because to think of something so horrid happening in real life blows my mind. That citizens would be blind to what is going on in their own backyard is frightening.

​Here’s where the love part comes in. Novelists who can weave a tale so intricately, that I forget it’s fiction and make me fall in love with their gift of storytelling. Ms. Wangard transported me to western Germany. I experienced the doubt and confusion that Heidi did. German radio reports life one way, allied radios report life another. What is she to believe?

​And that’s where God steps in. I love how God is the 3rd strand in this novel. Paul has to decide will he trust the God he knew as a young man, or ignore the God he believes took his  wife away.

​Heidi has to decide if she will be an instrument and tool to help God’s people, or buy into the propaganda Nazi and Nazi supporters wish her to believe.

​Ms. Wangard takes her time exploring the doubts and confusion people go through during times of war. At the end of the read, I had to ask myself could I handle the life that Heidi and Paul were dealt? Would I have their courage?

If you’re ready to go back in time with Heidi and Paul, then head on over to Amazon to pre-order the novel!

​​You can connect with Ms. Wangard via her Website and Facebook.

*I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review.
​** I give this 4 out of 5 stars.

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