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Review of Fatal Convictions by Randy Singer


Y’all do you read suspense novels? If not, have I got one for you to check out. It’s Randy Singer’s ​Fatal Convictions.​ Whew. It was like a Law and Order show had been written as a novel.

Now, this isn’t my first Randy Singer novel. I read Directed Verdict a few years ago and was absolutely riveted, so that was my expectation this go around.

Mr. Singer did NOT disappoint. So what is it about you ask? Well, Alex Madison is a pastor and a lawyer. Interesting mix, right? He is hired to represent a Muslim Imam who is accused of ordering an honor killing. Y’all….I don’t even have the words to describe how riveting this book is so instead, I’ll ask you a question. When faced with overwhelming evidence that a person is evil and not good, would you stand by your convictions as a Christian and treat them as Christ would? It’s the whole WWJD predicament.

That is the number one takeaway I learned from reading this book. How often do we jump on the bandwagon and convict a person as guilty and treating them in such a manner we believe they deserve? But isn’t that a direct contradiction of what God asks of us? Aren’t we to show Christ to all, no matter what path they walk in life?

If you want to be entertained, pick this book up. If you want to be stretched in your faith, pick this book up. If you need a new author…you guessed it, pick this book up.

You can follow Mr. Singer via his Website and purchase the novel on Amazon (among other retailers).​

Happy Reading!

*I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.​​​​​​

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