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Review of Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Catherine West


Sometimes after reading a book, you’re left with the struggle to form into words how much the book affected you. ​Yesterday’s Tomorrow ​was that type of book.

I’m no stranger to Catherine West. I read her book, Bridge of Faith, and absolutely loved it. In fact, I wrote a blog on it here.

But even though I have read her writing before, my heart was still not prepared for the emotional gamut that followed. I cried. I laughed. I covered my eyes only to realize I had to uncover them to continue reading. I cried some more. Mouth dropped open in shock. Heart tore a little in empathy. You name it, I probably experienced it.

But that’s the beauty of Ms. West’s writing. She gives you a realistic story with real, live, breathing characters and places you in the midst of the novel.

So why did I love this read? Simple: Kristin Taylor and Luke Maddox became real to me. Kristin is an up and coming journalist with the desire to finish what her father started. She’s convinced the story of a lifetime lies in the midst of chaos that is the Viet Nam War.​​​​​

​She soon teams up with the gifted photographer, Luke Maddox, but he has a secret that makes him hard to trust. Through life and death, Kristin and Luke forge a bond that is thicker than blood and water. Only life is never that easy, especially in the midst of a war.

Each has a journey with the Lord that goes from tenuous at best to unshakeable resolve. They aren’t perfect, but they’re searching meaning in the One who is Perfect.

At the end, I closed my book and leaned back contemplating what I had read. I knew I wanted to write a review but just didn’t know how it would go. So these are my impressions. Yesterday’s Tomorrow is not a light read, but if you take the time the characters will take you on a journey that is worth it.

​To learn more, you can find Ms. West on her Website or purchase the novel on Amazon (among other retailers).

*I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.​​​​

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