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The Power of Prayer


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Every now and then, I get down about prayer. I wonder if my offer of prayer to someone in need of physical or spiritual healing is viewed as not enough. As if I’m not giving my all. Every now and again, I feel that prayer is inadequate.

Yes, I said it.

But, these thoughts make me human. And doesn’t the enemy like to use our humanity against us? To make us think that we are inadequate? That we don’t have anything to offer our fellow man when they’re hurting?

But then I remember God’s promise in Matthew 18:20, “ For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (KJV).

If you pray and I pray, He will be there. Always. Without a doubt. Without fail. Regardless if we believe it. Regardless if people on the outside looking in believe it. If you pray and I pray, He will be there.

So I started a prayer group on Facebook. And every day, prayer requests are posted. And every day, people gather to pray for that issue. And every time, God shows up.

The answer may be no. The answer may be not yet. Then there are the times when the answer is Yes.  Those precious times bolster my soul. Those precious times fuel me forward to ask others if they need prayer. If I can be like minded and agree with them in prayer. And I’m reminded of the power of prayer.

So the next time, you question how powerful it really is…remember the Yeses. Remember the comfort you received in the Nos. Remember the patience learned in the Not Yets.

Remember God’s promise and block the flesh from minimizing your efforts.

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