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My TBR Pile – 11/30/15

The last day of November. Welp, the Christmas season is upon us and I’m hoping for a hefty TBR pile. Of course, it might increase exponentially after Christmas. But, I still have quite a few reads stacked in my pile. So here’s my TBR pile for the week.


Randy Singer’s Fatal Convictions
So I got this great read through Tyndale’s Rewards program. Here’s the link if you want more info.

Here’s the blurb: “Alexander Madison is part lawyer, part pastor, and part con artist. When a Muslim imam is accused of instigating honor killings, Alex must decide whether to take the case that every other lawyer in town is running away from. He doesn’t realize until it’s too late that defending the imam may cost him the one thing in life he cares about most. “Fatal Convictions” is the story of a lawyer willing to risk it all and the women who must choose between faith and love.”

You can follow Mr. Singer on his Website and purchase the novel on Amazon (among other retailers).​​​


Roseanna M. White’s Fairchild’s Lady
​I picked this novella up free on Kindle.

Here’s the blurb: “This bonus romantic novella is set in the intervening years between Ring of Secrets and Whispers from the Shadows by Roseanna M. White. In 1789 General Isaac Fairchild travels across the Channel on a very special assignment. After surviving the American Revolution, he is now gathering information on life at King Louis XVI’s court. But he must also locate a countess and her grown daughter and escort them back to England before revolution explodes in France. He knows danger is in the task set before him, but when he meets the beautiful Julienne, a new peril beckons him deeper into the intrigue of Versailles.”

You can follow Ms. White on her Website and purchase the novel on Kindle (pssst: it still might be free).​


Becky Wade’s The Proposal
​As a newsletter subscriber, I got to get the latest short story from Ms. Wade.

Here’s the blurb: “A cold night in Texas, a dream of marriage, a happily ever after….

Single mom Amber Richardson spends every holiday season working to give her young son the best Christmas possible and striving to ignore the empty chairs around her table, chairs she wishes her mother and father and extended family occupied.

She’d hoped that this holiday would be fuller and happier than the rest. Her handsome firefighter boyfriend, Will McGrath, has brought immeasurable joy and love into her life. Up until recently, they’d even been talking about a future that included wedding bells. Lately, though, the wedding talk has been nonexistent and Amber can’t help but worry that Will’s starting to have second thoughts….

Until a fire station surprise brings very good tidings.”

You can follow Ms. Wade on her Website and I encourage you to be come a subscriber so that you have access to the novella. It is available for pre-order on Amazon.​​

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