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Review of Joint Venture by Elizabeth Maddrey


I’m bringing another review this week! (Claps hands in excitement.)

A while back, I put Elizabeth Maddrey’s Joint Venture on my TBR read pile. I finally was able to find some time to read it and boy was I happy!

It’s a prequel novella to the Grant us Grace series. I did my happy dance when I found out that Ms. Maddrey wrote a novella for Matt Stephenson and Laura Willis because they make appearances throughout the series and their one of those couples you want to know how they got together. Joint Venture tells us how it happens.

Laura Willis has known Matt Stephenson since high school, but due to life and other people, she didn’t look at him in the romantic sense. I just love when a person realizes the right guy was there all along. Of course, now she has to wonder if he even thinks of her that way? Sigh. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Can I just say that I wanted to swoon at the ending even though I know they get together? (Hope that’s not a spoiler.) I just absolutely loved how their romance came together. My only complaint: not long enough. But I may just go back and reread the books of the Grant us Grace series to see them again.

If you’re looking for a quick read and want to be introduced to an awesome writer, look no further. If you’re in the romance mood and want real characters who have ordinary lives and make falling in love utterly romantic, then look no further.

You can follow Ms. Maddrey at her Website and purchase Joint Venture at Amazon.​​​​​​ (Psst: it still maybe only 99c on Kindle.)

Happy Reading!​

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