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My TBR Pile – Week of 11/16/15

It’s a new week and I feel the end of the year creeping up on me. Thankfully, there are authors who are still writing and releasing books. Plus, some of them had promotions that allowed me to feed my Obsessive Reading Disorder. 😉
Here’s what I’m reading this week.​


1. Jackie Zack’s ​An Irish Heart
I’ve seen this book a lot on Facebook and when I spotted it was free I grabbed it.

Here’s the blurb: “An Emerald Land – An Unknown Double –

Successful advertising manager, GRETA CONNER travels to Ireland to fulfill a last wish from her mother. After arriving in Ireland, she is drawn to a colorful village named Angel’s Hollow. When a dark-haired stranger approaches and calls her by another name, Greta is intrigued to discover she’s the image of AEDAN O’RIAIN’s ex-girlfriend. Does she have a close relative unknown to her?
Aedan can’t understand his misfortune. Along with near bankruptcy in his future, his ex is trying to fool him by claiming she’s Greta Conner from the States. Is it some sort of plot to further ruin his reputation? Adding to his angst, his brother, Reece, insists on dating Greta if Aedan will not. All will certainly be lost if Reece falls into her plans.
Angel’s Hollow becomes like home for Greta, and there’s no one her heart loves more than Aedan. But will an unknown twin threaten all she’s longed for?”

You can purchase the novel on Amazon (and it might still be free).​​


2. Elizabeth Maddrey’s ​A Dash of Daring
​I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Maddrey– she’s a fellow ACFW Virginia chapter member–so when I saw her latest release I grabbed it. I’ve been waiting for it since I finished the first two books in the Taste of Romance series.

Here’s the blurb: “Amy Harris is the after-school care coordinator and long-term sub at the same inner city high school she graduated from. She’s always avoided the complications of dating outside her multi-ethnic heritage. Until Zach got hired.

Zach Wilson took a teaching job in a D.C. public school as part of a student-loan forgiveness program. Nearing the end of his commitment, a possibility arises to move to a magnet school in the suburbs. But will leaving the city end things with Amy before they really have a chance to start?

As Zach and Amy work together on the school’s annual holiday program, they must each decide if they’ll dare to follow where God calls.

Book three is the Taste of Romance series, A Dash of Daring is a contemporary Christian romance designed to entertain, inspire, and encourage thought about Christian living in today’s world.”

You can follow Ms. Maddrey on her Website and purchase the novel on Amazon.​​


3. Kristen Ethridge’s Second Chance Sweethearts
Ah, the good ol’ library hooked me up with this read.

Here’s the blurb: “Nurse-midwife Gloria Rodriguez prides herself on her independence—but right now she needs help. There’s a hurricane approaching and she has one very pregnant patient on her hands. With so many people already evacuated, the only one Gloria can turn to is Rigo Vasquez, chief of the beach patrol in Port Provident. The man she holds responsible for the death of her husband. Rigo needs to make amends for his past mistakes, and Gloria’s desperate phone call opens the door to make things right with his first love. Rigo is honor-bound to keep her and her patient safe, but once the storm passes, will Gloria still need him?”

You can follow Ms. Ehtredige on her Website and purchase the novel on Amazon (and probably other retailers).​​​

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