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Review – Ronie Kendig’s Embers


It seems like I haven’t done a review in awhile, so I’m excited to share my thoughts about Ronie Kendig’s latest release, Embers.

Embers released October 16th and I jumped at a chance to buy it. In fact, you may remember seeing it on my Friday Sales, New Releases and Giveaways blog post.

Some of you know I go all fangirl when I talk about Ms. Kendig’s novels, but how can I not when she delivers “rapid-fire fiction?” As an Air Force Veteran, I fell in love with her military heroes and she made me a fan for life with her great writing. When I heard she was entering the world of speculative fiction, I was all too happy to read her novel. She did NOT disappoint.

​​From the opening scene, she weaves a tale that is intriguing and captivating. The imagery and word usage was used to engage the senses and put the reader into the world of Haegan and Kaelyria Celahar, heirs to the Nine Kingdoms.

She tugs at the heart strings with the siblings special bond as Haegan is crippled and Kaelyria has been at his side sharing the sights and sounds of life outside his tower walls. ​But she doesn’t stop with just the brother and sister in her cast of characters. No she adds a motley crew who are important to the plot.

You see, Haegan is on a mission to get to the Great Falls and in need of help. Thus, each character in the novel shows how our lives are all intertwined and that we all have a purpose.

Y’all, I absolutely loved this book and could see it easily becoming the next big thing next to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The ending is a cliff hanger but it only leaves me wanting to read the next book in the Abiassa’s Fire series. I must know what happens next. But alas, I’ll be forced to wait but I eagerly look forward to book two.

If you like speculative fiction, Embers needs to jump to the top of your TBR pile. If you don’t like speculative fiction or have never tried it, this one will make you a fan.

You can follow Ms. Kendig through her Website, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter sites. You can purchase Embers at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Happy Reading!

*I give this a 5 out of 5 stars!​​​

2 thoughts on “Review – Ronie Kendig’s Embers”

  1. Toni!! Thank you so much. You are so awesome to not only read my books but review them–and positively! Wow!! YOU are my hero for having served. Thank YOU!
    And thank you for this amazing review of EMBERS!


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