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TBT – Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Series


October is a great month for author Dee Henderson. In 2005, Tyndale House republished the famed O’Malley series giving readers every where a chance to fall in love with the self-made family.

In Book 1, ​The Negotiator, readers are introduced to Kate O’Malley and Dave Richman. Kate’s a hostage negotiator and Dave works for the FBI. It’s a story rife with intrigue and romance.

In Book 2, ​The Guardian, we are introduced to Marcus O’Malley and federal judge Sheri. While guarding her, Marcus has to decide if love is worth the risk. ​​​​​

Book 3, ​The Truth Seeker, we are introduced to Lisa O’Malley and Quinn Diamond. Lisa is a forensic pathologist (what I wanted to be when I grew up, lol) and Quinn is a FBI agent. It’s another setup for great romantic suspense.​​​​​


In Book 4, ​The Protector, we were able to read the story of Jack O’Malley and Cassie. This was one of my favorites, because I really liked Jack, who’s a firefighter, and the way he handles life. It also helps that the story had a happy ending.

In Book 5, we’ve almost heard the stories of all the O’Malleys. ​The Healer​showcases Rachel O’Malley and Cole. Rachel and Cole have to work through the trauma of a school shooting. Unfortunately, that echoes the times of today.

And last but certainly not least, Book 6, The Rescuer, features Stephen O’Malley and Meghan, who happens to be blind.

The O’Malley series is a great read. Through each story, we get to read about the seventh O’Malley, Jennifer. Her story didn’t come out until much later and is more prequel then sequel. Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story​​​ was a poignant read that tugs at your heart strings.

There was also the prequel, ​Danger in the Shadows, featuring Sara and Adam Black, who kick off the O’Malley series.

I haven’t read a Dee Henderson novel I didn’t like. But I’m curious, who is your favorite O’Malley?​​​​

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