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Review: “Hope Harbor” by Irene Hannon


Can I just say Tressa’s Read-A-Thon over at Wishful Endings has been great at helping me lower my TBR pile?! It’s a fourteen-day event where we tackle our TBR. Of course, it’s no hardship. I’ve finished three books in seven days and it’s providing material for my blog. And without further ado, the reason you’re here!

It’s review time. 🙂

So ever since my first Irene Hannon read, I’ve been a fan. So I had no doubt I would enjoy her latest contemporary romance, Hope Harbor. After reading it, I came away with the smile on my face to show I just visited book heaven.

Hope Harbor is a great romantic read with themes of second chances and the prodigal son. Y’all, Ms. Hannon had my heart going through the loops of emotions. I laughed, I cried, and through it all I kept reading.

Ms. Hannon has a way of making the characters just leap off the page. There’s tortured Michael Hunter who has made a trek across country to heal his wounded heart. This man just about made my heart ache the whole way through. If that’s not enough, Ms. Hannon made my empathetic heart bleed for Tracy Campbell. She’s a Hope Harbor gem and loved by all. So of course, this being a romance book, you expect those two characters to be it.

Nope. Ms. Hannon adds some minor characters who touch your heart so much you’re not satisfied until they have happy endings too. I closed this book with the desire to go to Hope Harbor. I wanted to smell the air, visit a cranberry farm, and eat some fish tacos. I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with the end. I’m hoping Ms. Hannon will take pity on her readers and return us to Hope Harbor.

If you’ve never read an Irene Hannon novel, I’m curious as to what graces your bookshelf. Perhaps you’re not a contemporary romance reader or romantic suspense. If not, take a chance and pick up one of Ms. Hannon’s book. You can find out more about her books at her website.

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