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Review: Second Chance Summer by Irene Hannon


If you read my post Monday, then you saw I had this lovely book on my TBR pile. Since I joined Tressa’s Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon on her blog, so I had motivation to finish. Hopefully, I will be able to tackle more books and have more reviews for you.

Of course, it is an Irene Hannon novel so motivation was already there as soon as I saw her name.

So here are my thoughts on “Second Chance Summer.”
First thought: ‘that was so sweet.’ Y’all, I love sweet reads that leave you with a warm glow like you just fell in love all over again.

Of course, this time I was falling in love with the characters, Rachel and Fletch, as I watched them navigate through the waters of a relationship.

You see, Rachel and Fletch each have a troubled past that makes them wary of relationships. All they want to do is enjoy their summer. So what happens? Their loved ones join forces and let the matchmaking begin.
This book tackles some big issues, like adoption, death, and a loss of limb. They added depth to this book and made the characters that much more endearing.

If you haven’t read Ms. Hannon (and I’d be shocked if you haven’t) then head on over to her website for more information. I gave this a 4 on Goodreads but that’s because I can’t figure out how to give it 4.5 stars.

*Special note: If you would like to join Tressa’s Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon, head on over to her blog.

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