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TBR Pile – Week of September 14

I haven’t done an update on my TBR pile, so I thought I’d share a few of the books waiting to be read. I have an eclectic group but they share one thing in common: Christian faith. A couple in my list are from the Love Inspired line and the others fall in the African-American Christian genre. Hopefully, I’ll have some future reviews for you.


1. Piper Huguley’s “A Virtuous Ruby”
I first discovered Ms. Huguley when I read her novella, “A Lawyer’s Luck.” It was a great historical read and made it quite easy for me to pick up her novel, “A Virtuous Ruby.” Bonus: I LOVE the cover!

The story is set in 1915 in Georgia. Need I say more? Here’s a snippet of the blurb: “After fifteen months of hiding from the shame of bearing an illegitimate child, two words drive Ruby Bledsoe to face the good citizens of Winslow, Georgia. Never again. She vows to speak out against injustice. For her sisters. For her parents. For her infant son, Solomon.”

I’ve started reading this novel and I love Ms. Huguley’s writing style. To find out more about her, please visit her website.


2. Irene Hannon’s “Second Chance Summer”
I’ve been a long time fan of Ms. Hannon’s. Her romantic suspense novels are gripping and engaging. Her contemporary romances are poignant and sweet. So of course, I had to read her Love Inspired book.

Here’s a snippet of the blurb: “When Rachel Shaw and Jack Fletcher meet on a sunny Georgia beach, it seems like the perfect start to a romance. There’s just one problem—neither one is the least bit interested in falling in love. They’re just looking for peace, and time to work through their losses. But Rachel’s aunt Eleanor and Fletch’s Gram have other plans.”

I love a matchmaker story. If you haven’t been fortunate to read Ms. Hannon, head on over to her website to learn more about her books.


3. Vanessa Riley’s “The Bargain: Episode I”
I first discovered Ms. Riley through my Friday sales, new releases, and upcoming releases blog. When I saw that Ms. Riley’s “The Bargain: Episode 1” was free, I jumped at a chance to read it. Ms. Riley writes African-American Christian regency. I’m a big fan of “Pride & Prejudice” so I’m looking forward to this read.

Here’s a snippet from the blurb: “Coming to London has given Precious Jewell a taste of freedom, and she will do anything, bear anything, to keep it. Defying her master is at the top of her mind, and she won’t let his unnerving charm sway her. Yet, will her restored courage lead her to forsake a debt owed to the grave and a child who is as dear to her as her own flesh?”

To find out more about Ms. Riley’s writing career and her novels, head on over to her website.


4. Belle Calhoune’s “An Alaskan Wedding”
I went to the September Love Inspired Facebook release party and saw Ms. Calhoune’s novel. I loved the premise and decided to add it to my TBR pile.

Here’s a snippet from the blurb: “Reporter Grace Corbett has the lead of a lifetime. The city girl moves to Love, Alaska, where the mayor’s “Operation Love” is matching women from across the country with hunky Alaskan men. Grace pretends to be a woman looking for romance, and her act gets a lot easier when she starts to fall for rugged sheriff Boone Prescott.”

To follow Ms. Calhoune’s career or to learn more about her novels, hop on over to her website.

Hopefully, my pile helps you find a new author or a new book. If you’ve read these, I’d love to hear your comments! Happy Reading!

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