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Review: “The Isaac Project” by Sarah Monzon


“The Isaac Project” was the second read in my relaxing Labor Day weekend. It’s the debut novel from Sarah Monzon.

I’ve seen little snippets here and there on social media enough to spark my curiosity. I also had a chance to feature it on my blog as an upcoming release.

“The Isaac Project” has a very unique premise. The story introduces us to Rebekah, a woman who has been raised by her beloved grandfather, Poppy.

Intent on granting his dying wish, Rebekah asks her best friend, Lisa, to find her a husband to wed. You see, Rebekah was inspired when reading the story of Isaac and Rebekah.

Reader friends, that has to be the most intriguing take on ‘arranged marriages’ I have ever read. And it tugged at my heart strings.

Ms. Monzon is great at showcasing emotion in her characters and making her readers feel them as well. Rebekah could have been my neighbor. After the tragedy surrounding her past, I so desperately wanted to see something good happen to her.

I loved how Ms. Monzon explains love and marriage. I also loved the realism of the characters struggle with a loving God in the face of a bleak future. If you haven’t heard of “The Isaac Project” then head on over to Ms. Monzon’s website.

*I gave this 4/5 stars on Goodreads.

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