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Review: “A Side of Faith” by Krista Phillips


Good morning! I’ve got a new review for you. This might look a little familiar, but never fear. “A Side of Faith” is the second sandwich book by Krista Phillips.
If you were here yesterday, then you know I reviewed “A Side of Hope” the third sandwich book. I know, I know, I did it out of order. I didn’t mean to, but the great thing is these books can stand on their own.
So what can I say about “A Side of Faith?” How about: I loved this book!  This book grapples with a myriad of issue but it doesn’t become convoluted.
Rachel Carter has moved to Sandwich, IL to start a new chapter in her life. She’s celebrating her new self, created by the grace of God. She has a plan for her life and Cameron Foster is not part of the equation.
Cameron Foster has been hurt in the past, but he’s not afraid to embrace the blessings God has given him. He’s hoping that Rachel his a blessing, but she wants nothing to do with him.

This book is great because it deals with fear of the past and how God can redeem the past. It also with the subject of abuse. You don’t see that too often, which is why I became engrossed.

I absolutely loved how Ms. Phillips handled these issues. She doesn’t just toss them aside but explores the effects they have on a person. Add to the mix with a budding romance and you have a recipe for a great read.

You can find Ms. Phillips at her website and Facebook page. If you missed my other review, it can be found here. Happy Reading!

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