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Review: “A Side of Hope” by Krista Phillips


While perusing Facebook, I saw a post advertising the book, “A Side of Hope.” Imagine my surprise to discover the author of “Sandwich, with a side of Romance” wrote two novellas set in the town of Sandwich, Il.

I was beyond excited because I loved the first Sandwich novel. So even though it wasn’t on my TBR pile, I went ahead and read it first. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The story line in “A Side of Hope” has to be one of the most original ones  I’ve read in awhile. Tilly Davis hits the big 4-0 and makes a wish for something more in her life. Her every day normal routine has started to become boring. Enter her husband, Adam Davis.

What’s the most interesting thing about Adam? He’s been absent for 18 years of their marriage.  Yep. 18 Years. And Tilly and Adam have been married for a total of 22 years. How’s that for a shocker? See what I mean about a story line you don’t see too often?

Even though this is a novella and short, it doesn’t feel rushed. I felt the emotions right along with Tilly. I love also how I could relate to both Tilly and Adam and I couldn’t pick a side. I wanted their marriage to resolve. So to find out if it does, read the book. You won’t be sorry. And if you’ve never read a Krista Phillips novel, head on over to her website to check her books out. Happy Reading!

*I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads.

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