Friday Sales, New Releases, and Upcoming Releases – 8/28/15

It’s Friday! If you’re like me, you want to have some good books to sit down with and enjoy the weekend. Well, never fear. My author friends have shared with me their book sales, new releases, and upcoming releases. So grab a pen and paper to jot these down. Or if you’re technological savvy, click the purchase links. 🙂



1. Sarah Norkus
Ms. Norkus has two books on sale! “Treasure of the Battersea Bluffs” is on sale for $1.99 and available to purchase on Kindle here.
Here’s a snippet of her blurb designed to have you running to the nearest book store: “In the old factory district of Petersburg, near the Appomattox River, sits a rundown Palladian Villa known as Battersea. Hidden beneath the floorboards of the east wing lies a skeleton that hasn’t been disturbed for two hundred and forty years.” (I’ve got chills…)


Her other novel, “The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlin” is on sale for $2.99 and available to purchase here.
And of course, I have an intriguing portion of the blurb for you: “In the year 2008, fifteen year-old Emily Grace (Em) discovers a secret hiding place under a wooden plank in the attic of an old house in Petersburg. It conceals a 150 year-old-diary belonging to Sarah Chamberlain, the previous owner of the house. Carefully turning to the last entry, Em’s interest is piqued by the mention of missing confederate gold and a murder mystery.”
If you would like to learn more about Ms. Norkus, please head on over to her website.


2. Sydney Avey’s “The Sheep Walker’s Daughter”
Sydney Avey’s novel is on sale for 99 cents on Kindle here.
Here’s a brief portion of the book blurb: “A Korean War widow’s difficult mother dies before revealing the identity of her daughter’s father and his cultural heritage. As Dee sorts through what little her mother left, she unearths puzzling clues that raise more questions: Why did Leora send money every month to the Basque Relief Agency?”
For more information on Ms. Avey, head on over to her website.


3. Carly McAdoo
Ms. McAdoo has two books on sale! Her first book “Story & Style: The Craft of Writing Creative Fiction” is for all you inspiring or hard working writers.
Here’s a portion from the blurb: “Story & Style, all the basics of the craft are discussed in a friendly, conversational manner and layman’s terms. Indexed for easy reference with wide outside margins for personal notes, this handy book is a virtual toolbox for writers, filled with a smorgasbord of writing elements like hook, point of view, dialogue, characterization, active vs. passive, and more!”
Today’s the last day for the sale at 99cents. You can purchase it here.


Her second book, “One and Done,” is for you fiction fans. The ebook is currently FREE! Yep, you read that right. You can head on over to Amazon to download it. It’s the 3rd book in the Red River Romance series.
Here’s a portion of the blurb: “In this gender-crossing love story with Texas Ranger baseball backdrop and strong pitcher/batter hero, Samantha Danielle, cutest weather girl on Dallas TV, only dreams of sports reporting. Then her station sends her to scoop an interview with a pitcher Rangers’ management is hot after.”
To see Ms. McAdoo’s complete book collection, head on over to her website.

New Release


1. Keleigh Crigler Hadley’s “What You Won’t Do for Love”
Keleigh has a new release out and boy does the blurb hook you. Here’s a snippet: “Eden’s marriage is blissful and the newlyweds are happy, when her husband stuns her with a desperate plea; to prove her love for him in the most unthinkable way – to help him die with dignity. What would you do for the love of your life?”
That ties my stomach up in knots just thinking about it. To purchase the novel, head on over to Amazon. You can connect with Keleigh at her Facebook Author Page here.

Upcoming Releases


1. Cathy Gohlke’s “Secrets She Kept”
Ms. Gohlke’s latest release hits bookshelves September 1st. I for one am just ecstatic. I thoroughly enjoyed her novel, Saving Amelie. In fact, you can read my review here.
Here’s a snippet from “Secrets She Kept” blurb: “All her life, Hannah Sterling longed for a close relationship with her estranged mother. Following Lieselotte’s death, Hannah determines to unlock the secrets of her mother’s mysterious past and is shocked to discover a grandfather living in Germany.”
If you’ve never read one of her novels, please head on over to her website. To pre-order, head on over to Amazon. Her novel is available at other distributers so make sure to check them out as well.


2. Carly McAdoo “Daughters of the Heart”
Ms. McAdoo is back on the list with her upcoming release “Daughters of the Heart.” It’s book five in the Texas Romance series and releases September 1st.
Here’s a snippet of the book blurb: “God’s perfect plan is sometimes so hard to determine.
Gwendolyn, Cecelia, and the youngest, Bonnie, make a pact never to break their father’s heart like their big sister did. Then their determination is sorely tried when suitors show up, and he gets so pigheaded with his rules.”
To pre-order, head on over to Amazon.

Well that’s all for today. Hopefully you have found some new authors and were reacquainted with favorites. Please leave these authors a review. They work so hard and a review is your way of saying thank you. Happy Reading!

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