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Review: “A Sweethaven Summer” by Courtney Walsh


This weekend I lounged around with a book in my hand. Of course that was after walking around the National Zoo. Fortunately, it wasn’t that hot and I didn’t melt.

Anyway, I checked out “A Sweethaven Summer” from my local library. I’ve read Ms. Walsh’s novel, “Paper Hearts,” which I really loved so I picked this one up. 

Let me start the review by saying “what a sweet read.” Now that doesn’t aptly describe the novel, but when I finished the book, I was in that rosy glow of “ahhh.” So hence the ‘sweet read’ comment. Anyway, I’m rambling on.

“A Sweethaven Summer” is about Campbell Carter’s journey to Sweethaven, Michigan. I tell you, this made me want a water vacation so badly. Beach, lake, river, whatever, alas I’m surrounded my land so I lived vicariously through Campbell. 

So here’s what “A Sweethaven Summer” is about. After Campbell’s mother’s death, she discovers her mother’s scrapbook from her summer trips to Sweethaven. She’s never heard about these trips and she’d desperate to find out who her father is. Before she knows it, Campbell’s on the way to Sweethaven.

The story doesn’t just tell life through Campbell’s eyes, but also of her mother’s childhood summer friends. Y’all this made me think of the movie Now and Then. I loved getting to know the friends through Campbell’s eyes and discovering what split the group of friends up.

But more importantly, this book made me want to stop and smell the roses. To hold on to friendships and to enjoy the simple things in life. Who knows, I may even take up scrapbooking. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

To find out more about Ms. Walsh and her novels, head on over to her website. Happy Reading!!

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