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My Weekend TBR Pile – Aug 14-16

Since I’ve been able to put a dent in my TBR pile, new ones rolled in their spots. I was looking at the list of unread items on my Nook and found some good books to read this weekend. Of course, I’m going to a writer’s conference Saturday, so I’m not sure how much reading I’ll be doing this weekend. So I’ll pick three books in hopes I’ll get to at least one.


1. Brandilyn Collins’ “Sidetracked”
This has been sitting in my que for awhile. I can’t believe I forgot about it. This story is about 34 yr old Delanie Miller and her secrets. (I’ve already started reading it. I sense a review coming soon.) If you’ve never read Ms. Collins’ work or this novel, head on over to her website. (Psss. It’s currently discounted for ebooks at $4.99.)


2. Pat Simmons’ “The Keepsake.”
This book takes us on the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bishop. Unfortunately, Mr. Bishop has had an affair and Desi Bishop doesn’t see any option but divorce. I haven’t read Pat Simmons yet and I’m definitely curious how this will end up. To find out more information, head to Pat Simmons’ website.


3. Camy Tang’s “Necessary Proof.”
Alex Villa has left prison redeemed by the blood of Jesus. But he’s being setup to take a crime he didn’t commit. Enter Jane, a software engineer, who’s vowed to help him. Sigh. Sounds exciting already. To find out more, head to Ms. Tang’s website. (Pssss. Ebook is currently free.)

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