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Review: Rosanna Huffman’s “Hand Me Down Husband”


I read a book! Hooray for me. It feels like I haven’t had time to read in awhile, although I have a book in my hand every day. I guess it’s because I finally read a book I liked. 🙂

So yesterday, I finished Rosanna Huffman’s “Hand Me Down Husband.” I got a chance to meet her at the ACFW Virginia Chapter Writer’s Conference last month. And since they had a book swap, I grabbed a copy and had Ms. Huffman sign it. Isn’t it awesome when we can get an author to sign their book(s)?

Anyway, I finally made a dent in my TBR pile and sat down to enjoy this read. It deals with a few topics I don’t see too often. Age difference and singleness. The main character, Suzanne Bloomer, is a 37-year-old high-school teacher. She’s never been married and that’s not by choice. My heart broke for Suzanne because those around her were oblivious to her plight and how much they took her for granted. Everyone assumed she was single by choice or because she was too old.

Enter Mitchell Sanderson. He’s a 54-year-old widower, a dad, and grandpa. When he takes the job as principal at Suzanne’s school, sparks fly…and not the good kind. She’s prejudice against the Sanderson name thanks to the trauma his kids caused her when they were in school together.

Now, I must admit, I didn’t see how this was going to work. There seemed to be too much hurt and baggage in her life. Plus, I wondered if they could overcome their age differences. By the time I finished the last page, my heart was invested and I was rooting for them to make it.

I loved how Ms. Huffman addressed issues too many people (and authors) skirt around. I would give this 4 1/2 stars! So why not check it out. To find out more about the book, head on over to Rosanna Huffman’s website.

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