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Review: K.E. Ganshert’s “The Gathering”


*sigh* I can finally breath, because I just devoured K. E. Ganshert’s final novel in The Gifting series, The Gathering. This book was so fantastic I don’t even know where to begin.

Okay, first off, it you haven’t heard of The Gifting series, it’s a wonderful youth dystopian novel written by K.E. Ganshert. What does that mean you ask? It means Ms. Ganshert created a world where religion is eradicated. A world where anyone who falls beyond the accepted range of normal is systematically extinguished.  And Tess Eckhart might just be one of the crazy ones.

In book one, The Gifting (blog post here), Tess discovers she’s not crazy but is gifted and bonds with popular boy, Luka Williams. In book two, The Awakening (blog post here), Tess and Luka meet up with others who are apart of The Gifting. They learn there is a battle between good and evil and those gifted are to help fight the forces of evil. I mean, come on! What can be greater than a battle between good and evil? Isn’t that what’s life is about? Throw a budding romance in between Tess and Luka and you have me, said reader, riveted to the screen of my ereader.

Now, if you’ve read my two previous blog post, you know I was lamenting the horrors of waiting until September 8th for “The Gathering” to be released. Fortunately for me, K.E. Ganshert took pity on us poor readers and released the ebook version August, 6th. I scooped it up in a heartbeat, put my cleaning aside–because it’ll be there another day–and dived into Tess’ world. 

I was not disappointed.  This book made me laugh, cry, hold my breath, breath again, and cry tears of joy. This book met all my expectations: action, romance, suspense, and victory.

Can you tell I’m trying not to put any spoilers? It’s sooo hard because I want to go over every heart-stopping detail. But I won’t. I will just leave you with this. GO READ IT NOW (I’m not shouting just encouraging ;)). Here’s her website for further information.

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