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Review: K. E. Ganshert’s “The Awakening”



Okay, I feel better. I just finished* “The Awakening” and I cannot believe I have to wait for book three, “The Gathering” to release until September 8th. It. Is. Absolute. Torture!

I mean really? Who thought it would be great to split a great story like Tess and Luka’s and span it into three books?! Does Ms. Ganshert have no concern for her readers? I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. (Okay, I just took a deep breath. I think I’m calm and coherent enough to give you my review.)**

“The Awakening” picks up with Tess and Luka on the run. They now know there are others like them. So what do they do? You guessed it, go find them. And this is where the books leaves amazing and enters the realm of absolutely heart-stopping fantastic. Tess and Luka find the others and learn about the others and what gifting category they fall under. (Side Note: Here’s the link to The Gifting quiz if you want to find out yours. FYI: I’m a shield.)

This of course escalates the conflict in the story, as if there wasn’t enough. I found myself wanting to take up Luka’s nail-biting habit as I turned the pages. I read and read and read. Ate Dinner. Watched a tv show (reading on commercial breaks) and then read until I reached the end. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble did not have the pre-order available for my Nook. Luckily, I’m follow the author on Facebook and her website so I’ll be able to get the minute it becomes available.

My only question is have you read book one or two yet? If not, WHY NOT?!!!! To find out more, check out K. E. Ganshert’s website. To read my review on book one, go here. Happy Reading!!

* This post was actually written Tuesday night at 11pm, the moment I finished the novel.
** Oh and just fyi, I only do five star reviews on my blog unless stated elsewhere.

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