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Review: Denise Hunter’s “Married ’til Monday”


So this weekend I was able to read a couple of books from my TBR pile. It felt like it’d been awhile since I was able to just relax and read. And what a time I had reading.
I’ve read many books by Denise Hunter, always enjoying the whimsical writing style she brings to a story. So when I sat down to read “Married ’til Monday,” I expected more of the same.
Let me just say, “this was by far my favorite book of Denise Hunter’s.” Sure, it had her signature style, but with an added heart tug.

“Married ’til Monday” is a book in the Chapel Springs Romance series. So of course, I was excited to visit the McKinley clan again. This time, Ms. Hunter shares the story of Ryan McKinley.  “Married ’til Monday” takes place three years after his divorce to Abby McKinley.
The best part of this read: watching the pull and tug of an ex-husband and wife. My heart ached for Ryan and the pain he went through. My heart utterly broke for his ex-wife, Abby. Abby has a history that’s not all sunshine and roses. Her past shades her view of life and is a barrier to reuniting with an ex she thought she stopped loving.

Ms. Hunter masterfully weaves a journey of a path to reconciliations, paved by love, tenacity, and the grace of God. I shed a few tears, smiled a few smiles, and turned the page until the end. This will definitely end up on my reread pile.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ms. Hunter’s books, please check out her website.

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