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 My Updated Weekend TBR Pile


You may have seen my TBR pile in a previous post. Here’s the updated version. Some of the same books are still listed because, hey life gets busy. I’ve added a couple of new ones because, how can one stop buying books? 

1. Lisa Harris’s Dangerous Passage
I’ve never read Lisa Harris’ books before, but she keeps popping up on book groups I belong to. I feel like I’m missing out, so I downloaded her book to my Nook. (haha, that rhymes).

2. Sandra Orchard’s Port Aster Secrets (2 and 3)
Again, did I mention I like new authors? I picked up book 1 of Port Aster Secrets when it was free. Since I HAVE to read all books in a series, I bought books 2 and 3. Yay, me!

3. Denise Hunter’s Married ’til Monday
Denise Hunter is one of my must read authors. Thanks to friends who blessed me with book gift cards, I was able to get her latest novel. Can’t wait to read it!

4. Heather Day Gilbert’s Miranda Warning
Unfortunately, I still haven’t had the time to read Miranda Warning. But I’m looking forward to it. If you’ve never read any of Heather Day Gilbert’s work, check out her website.

5. Varina Denman’s Jaded
I believe Varina Denman’s name popped up on the same book group, so back to the Nook shop I went. I’ll let you know how it is.

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