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My Weekend Read: “A Splash of Substance” by Elizabeth Maddrey


If you haven’t heard of Elizabeth Maddrey, then you’re missing out on her romances which she calls “thoughtfully romantic.” What I love about her stories is that she doesn’t just weave a fairy tale romance, rather she deals with the difficult, every day issues we often face.

In “A Splash of Substance,” the first book in her Taste of Romance series, Paige Jackson meets Jackson Trent in the political arena of D.C.  Here is a line from the back blurb that I absolutely love: “She doesn’t vote. He works for a Senator. Is it a recipe for romance or disaster?” 

Paige feels called to be a good steward of this earth and “live gently.” As a caterer, she tries to use the whole parts of animals rather then choice cuts. She also advocates growing or using local produce. Jackson feels called to be an active member of the governmental process, voting and campaigning for people who share his values. As a senator’s aide, he gets front line action of the governmental process. Paige thinks Jackson is going overboard and Jackson feels the same.

I loved this story for the romance, but also because Ms. Maddrey’s writing always encourages me to think deeper. She hit two points that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, but showing the value of them both. What seemed like a deal breaker in Paige and Jackson’s relationship ended up being the thing that helped them both grow. I could relate to the characters because they’re everyday people trying to live life God’s way.

“A Splash of Substance” is the first in this series. (I’m currently enjoying book two.) I encourage you to read it and please check out Ms. Maddrey’s other novels. To find out more, check out Elizabeth Maddrey’s website

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