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Review: Lynette Eason’s “No Place to Hide”


So in case you didn’t know, I’ve been reviewing Lynette Eason’s Hidden Identity series this week. I started with book one, No One to Trust, followed by Nowhere to Hide on yesterday’s post. And today….(drumroll please)….is No Place to Hide.

Can I just say this one was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the series! Can I say that again? ABSOLUTE. FAVORITE. In fact, I want a sequel just to get a follow up on Jackie and Ian.

Okay, okay, before I go on about how much I loved it. Let me give you a hint why. No Place to Hide is the story of Jackie Sellers and Ian Lockwood. Jackie, an operative with Operation Refuge, goes to visit her childhood friend, Ian, who is a person of interest with the FBI. She doesn’t believe the things they’re saying about him and goes to find out what’s going on.

From the moment she enters his house, she’s thrust into danger. Being an awesome friend (I need a friend like her) she sets out to help Ian clear his name. Ron, the beloved benefactor of Operation Refuge, helps Jackie out. Of course, I thought it was merely because she’s an operative with the group, but that barely scratches the surface. (Okay, I took a deep breath. I promise, no spoilers.)

Anyway, No Place to Hide is written in Lynette Eason’s classic style of nail-biting-page-turning suspense. We get to see the characters from the first two books in the series, which is always awesome. Yet, even though it’s part of a series, it could definitely stand on its own. In my opinion, it was the most amped up suspense of the series. So I leave you with two words: Read it! Read it! Read it! For more information, check out Lynette Eason’s website.

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