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Review: Lynette Eason’s “Nowhere to Turn”


Well I’ve been reviewing Lynette Eason’s Hidden Identity series here on my blog. In case you missed the review for the first book, No One to Trust, check it out here.
Today I want to talk about Nowhere to Turn, the second book in the Hidden Identity series. The story follows Dani Harding who is running for her life. In steps Adam Buchanan from book one of the Hidden Identity series.

Can I just say I was excited to see his name in this book. I liked his character in book one and was very happy to see he was the main character in Nowhere to Turn. Lynette Eason gives us the ability to know him more and I was hooked!

I mean what more can you say about a guy who would choose the right thing over family? Because in the end of book one, that’s exactly what he does. That makes him a hero in my definition. Apparently it worked for Dani as well. Adam treats her and her son, who is deaf, with the respect that is deserved as a fellow human being.

What I loved about this book was the suspense. It seemed to be constantly there and kept me changing the pages. I also loved the romance that slowly built between Dani and Adam. They seemed like the perfect mix of temperament. Add to it a boy who desperately needs to see two people love the right way and it tugged at my heart strings. (I may have sniffled a little.)

If you haven’t read the Hidden Identity series I ask you: what are you waiting for? Please pick up this book. (If you like to read in order, make sure to pick up book one as well.) For more information, check out Lynette Eason’s website.

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