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 My Thoughts Tuesday – The Armor of God

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Sometimes my mind wanders to the mystical. To the deep. To the chasm that separates men from the angels. It is during those times that I let my thoughts flow from pen to paper. I thought I would share my musing on such a day.

What is God asking of us? What is done on this earthly realm that touches the Heavens? I see a legion of angels, suited up in armor with the Word and Light of God. Could I dare to even be part of that? Do I even feel the need? The Call? The honor of the task at hand? Do I understand that my earthly responsibilities take place for Heavenly reasons?

I want life to matter more than the temporal fleeting vision played out in front of me. The enemy sets it up as an illusion. Oh, not an illusion that it’s not real, but an illusion that its eternal and therefore more significant than the true battles of eternal spirtitual life matters. How I raise my kids, treat my husband, and those that would pass me in this life matters. It matters because there is a war for souls. Some will ascend and some will descend. Do I wake up to put on the armor and save souls? Or do I pass over the armor, accepting the illusion that the battle hasn’t arrived? That I’m safe for another day?

None of us are safe until the King arrives and strikes those that seek the darkness. The darkness of ignorance, self-happiness, or living in the moment. Believing that He doesn’t exist all the while proving he (the enemy) does. When will I suit up and when will I arm my loved ones? It takes courage and belief in the Light. The Light never fails and darkness cannot overcome it.

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