All, Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday – 3 Facts About Me You May Not Know


Happy Friday! I hope life is treating you well in your neck of the woods. I decided today to share 3 facts about me that you may have no clue about. So let’s jump right in.

1. My first job was at H.E.B. It’s the best grocery store in the world, except it’s only in Texas. Now that I live in Virginia, I can no longer frequent it. Breaks my H.E.B lovin’ heart. But I digress. My first job was as a bagger. Ever since then, I feel the compulsive need to bag my own groceries because I find no one does it right. Who puts dry cleaner sheets with hamburger meat? Thankfully, I shop at ALDI for my major shopping and they don’t bag your groceries. So I get to bag them just the way I want.

2. I served in the Air Force for six years. The fun fact: I fell in the water 3x in our obstacle course. I can’t swim and so I hate being dropped in water. It was absolute torture. Plus, I’m short so the water was pretty high up on me. Of course, I survived and had the added bonus of my combat boots conforming to my feet and fitting better than the first five weeks I was there.

3. I like to go on dates with my husband. The coolest (or weird, depending on your preference) date I’ve been on….a day at the shooting range. It allows me to try a bunch of guns without spending the money on purchasing one I can’t shoot.  SN: I shoot a machine gun better than a hand gun. Go figure.

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