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My Thoughts Tuesday – Summer Fun Ideas

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If you have kids, the big question is always: what are you going to do for the summer? I don’t know about you, but I dread coming up with ideas to entertain my kids. So this summer I decided to be proactive. I’m sharing my list of ideas that can be repeated weekly. Voila. Problem solved.

Sunday: If you’re not in church or you have kids like mine and want to do something after church, then I suggest: bounce house. I love bounce houses for the simple pleasure of watching my kids bounce until they’re ready for a nap or want to relax when we get home. Don’t have enough money for bounce house? May I suggest a good old fashioned pillow fight? Guaranteed to bring some laughter and fun to a house near you.
Monday: If your kids are old enough, you can take them bowling. Bowl America is giving kids under 12, two free games of bowling. Check them out for further information.
Tuesday: $1 Movie day. Regal cinemas has $1 on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am. Check your local Regal Cinemas theatre for more information.  Or…you can see if you have a local place that host movies in the park/lawn for free.
Wednesday: Reading Time! A lot of local libraries have reading programs where kids can win free prizes based on the amount of reading they complete. My boys love it and it expands their mind all under the guise of fun. Be sure to also check out if your local library host events for kids.
Thursday: Park!! Take the kids out and let them run out their excessive energy. Lean closer and I’ll share a secret. The closer to park closing time, the more exhausted and ready to fall in bed they’ll be.
Friday: You can make this a Freestyle Friday with something new planned each week. Maybe a backyard picnic or camp out. Do a board game Friday or rent a movie and eat junk food and pizza. The world is your oyster!
Saturday: Water Day! Go to a water park during their low hours (some are cheaper that time period). Or play in the sprinklers. If your local city has a fountain for the kids to play there, head there for free water fun. You could play with water ballons or get some water guns at a dollar store.
Well that is my list. Of course, feel free to use these in any order you desire. I’d love to hear your summer ideas or plans. Maybe I’ll be able to incorporate them into my list, so please share in the comments!

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